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Pediatric Neurological Surgery Program: Epilepsy
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As a part of UCSF's Epilepsy Center, neurosurgeons work with neurologists, neuropsychologists, and social workers to treat children who have epilepsy. The general treatment goals are to identify patients who will benefit from surgery through resection of epileptic regions of the brain. The ability to detect abnormal brain regions has improved through the use of high-resolution imaging techniques and extended periods of EEG recording. During surgery, additional techniques such as electrocortiography and brain mapping are used to identify and avoid injury to sites of language, motor, and sensory function during surgery. A large number of surgical procedures are offered, such as hemispherectomy, corpus callosotomy, vagal stimulation, temporal lobectomy, extratemporal resection, and subpial resection.
Patients are evaluated before surgery at a weekly conference attended by neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neuropsychologists. Dr. Mitchel Berger, Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery and a fellowship-trained pediatric neurosurgeon, is a pioneer of functional brain mapping in the surgical treatment of epilepsy related to brain tumors. With fellowship training in pediatric neurosurgery, Dr. Nalin Gupta has expertise in the surgical treatment of children who have brain tumors and children with epilepsy from other causes. Dr. Warwick Peacock, emeritus professor in the Department, is internationally recognized expert in the surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy.
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