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Pediatric Neurological Surgery Program
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Pediatric program at UCSF
UCSF offers the most comprehensive pediatric neurological surgery program in Northern California, with pediatric doctors whose specialty training has prepared them to treat the most complex disorders that can affect a child's brain and spinal cord. Taking a team approach to each child's diagnosis and therapy, pediatric neurosurgeons and physicians work together with clinical specialty nurses and other health care professionals, all using the most advanced techniques and instrumentation available.
The team includes doctors who are Board certified in pediatrics and anesthesia, pediatric critical care, and neonatal critical care. The neurosurgeons on the team have had fellowship training in pediatric neurosurgery and in pediatric neuro-oncology. This program offers therapy for:
. Brain Tumors
. Spinal cord tumors
. Epilepsy
. Spasticity and Cerebral Palsy
. Cerebrovascular Disorders
. Congenital and Traumatic Spinal Disorders
. Craniofacial Anomalies, Craniosynostosis, and Spina Bifida
. Chiari malformation
. Hydrocephalus
A large number of UCSF's faculty specialists in pediatric care are also trained in another discipline, such as neurological surgery, neurology, cardiology, or anesthesia. Many of the faculty have fellowship training, for which doctors commit as long as 6 years of training after their internship and residency to perfect their knowledge and skill in their subspecialty discipline. These doctors are involved in many aspects of patients' care, as well as in research.
Pediatric Neurosurgery Research at UCSF
Associated Faculty
Faculty Pediatric Neurosurgeons
Nalin Gupta MD, PhD, Program Director
Mitchel S. Berger MD
Warwick J. Peacock MD, Consultant
Associate Faculty
Anuradha Banerjee MD, Pediatric Neuro-Oncology
Michael T. Lawton MD, Cerebrovascular Neurological Surgery
Michael D. Prados MD, Pediatric Neuro-Oncology
Peter Sun MD, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Childrens Hospital Oakland
Pediatric Neurological Surgery Program
Department of Neurological Surgery
University of California San Francisco
UCSF Medical Center, A-808
400 Parnassus Avenue, Box 0350
San Francisco, CA 94143-0350
tel 415.353.7500; fax 415.353.2889

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