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Central Nervous System Injury Program
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Intraoperative scan
The Central Nervous System Injury Program is based at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH), a major trauma hospital for the San Francisco Bay Area and a designated Level 1 Trauma Center. It is also designated as a Regional Center for Injury Prevention and Control by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Each year the SFGH Neurotrauma program sees over 1200 patients with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. The neurological surgery service at SFGH is staffed by neurotrauma specialists Geoffrey Manley MD, PhD, Grant Gauger MD, Shirley Stiver MD, PhD, Guy Rosenthal MD, and Lawrence Pitts MD, who perform nearly 300 neurosurgical operations per year. With an average daily census of 30 patients, the neurosurgical service at SFGH also actively manages the critical care of these patients and provides advanced neurotrauma care, including brain tissue oxygen monitoring, cerebral blood flow monitoring, jugular venous saturation monitoring, and continuous EEG.
The SFGH Neurotrauma Program also provides rich educational programs. The neurotrauma post-residency fellowship program has attracted individuals from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The visiting scholars program offers clinical and research opportunities for more senior international scholars interested in neurotrauma. Each summer the SFGH Neurotrauma Program also offers educational experiences for many undergraduate students and highly motivated high school students with an interest in medicine. Educational outreach programs include the annual SFGH Neurotrauma Symposium, which attracts participants throughout the West, and the UCSF Neurotrauma Resident's Course that brings nearly 60 mid-level neurosurgery residents from across North America to San Francisco each year to introduce them to neurotrauma as a subspecialty. Through these programs, we are raising awareness of neurotrauma, disseminating the latest research findings and guidelines for clinical care, and educationg future leaders in brain and spinal cord injury.
Associated Faculty

Director, CNS Injury Research Program
Geoffrey Manley MD, PhD

Faculty Practitioners

Grant E. Gauger MD
Lawrence H. Pitts MD
Guy Rosenthal MD
Shirley Stiver MD, PhD
Central Nervous System Injury Program
San Francisco General Hospital
Department of Neurological Surgery
University of California San Francisco
1001 Potrero Avenue [4M39]
San Francisco, CA 94110
tel 415.206.8300; fax 415.502.4985

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