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Cerebrovascular Research
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Cerebrovascular research in the Department of Neurological Surgery is concerned with cerebral ischemia (stroke) and with the pathopyhsiology and treatment of arteriovenous malformations. Drs. Lawton and Panter collaborate with the UCSF Center for Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease (CSCVD), a clinical program within the UCSF Medical Center, and with the Center for Cerebrovascular Research, a research group operating under the umbrella of the CSCVD.
Michael T. Lawton MD
Pathophysiology of arteriovenous malformation; hemodynamics of aneurysms; radiation-induced arteriopathy
Jialing Liu PhD
Neurogenesis and functional recovery after stroke
S. Scott Panter PhD
Animal models of stroke and traumatic brain injury
William L. Young MD
Pathophysiology of arteriovenous malformations; hemodynamics of aneurysms; predictors of brain hemorrhage in patients with AVMs
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