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Pediatric Clinical Research
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A variety of clinical research projects are being conducted both within the Department of Neurological Surgery and through collaboration with other departments and institutions:
The Fetal Myelomeningocele Trial. This prospective randomized clinical trial is supported by the NIH and directly compares fetal repair of myelomeningocele (spina bifida) with the standard post-natal surgical procedure. Three US centers (Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, Vanderbilt University and UCSF) are participating in this rigorous clinical trial. The institutional Principal Investigator is Michael Harrison MD, Director of the Fetal Treatment Center. For more information, visit: The Fetal Treatment Center website.
The Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC). UCSF is one of ten institutions that participate in the development and conduct of innovative phase I and II clinical trials for pediatric brain tumors. Two currently active clinical trials through the PBTC are led by UCSF investigators: PBTC-011 (Principal Investigator: Anuradha Banerjee MD, MPH) uses direct convection delivery of a tumor-directed agent into the brain, and PBTC-014 (Principal Investigator: Daphne Haas-Kogan MD) which uses R115777 (Zarnestra) in combination with radiation therapy.
The Epidemiology of Congenital Hydrocephalus. Through collaborations with the Hydrocephalus Association and the Division of Neuroepidemiology, ongoing investigations are begining to define the incidence, prevalence, and long-term outcome for patients developing hydrocephalus in childhood.
The Center for Cerebrovascular Research at UCSF. The Center is involved in a number of epidemiologic studies of brain malformations in adults and children.
The California Brain Tumor Consortium. This new clinical trials group is being developed through the leadership of UCSF to rapidly move experimental agents for brain tumors from development to phase I clinical trials. Participating institutions will cooperate in tissue banking and recruitment of patients.  
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