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Epilepsy Research
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Epilepsy research in the Department of Neurological Surgery is centered on experimental surgical treatments (under the direction of Dr. Barbaro) and basic neurobiology studies (under the direction of Dr. Baraban). The overall goal of our research program is to elucidate basic mechanisms through which a normal brain becomes "epileptic" and to develop novel treatment options, based on this information, for patients suffering with epilepsy. Adult patients with medically refractory temporal lobe seizures may be candidates for an on-going NIH-sponsored clinical study to determine the efficacy of Gamma-Knife® radiosurgery. This procedure may provide a viable non-invasive alternative to surgery and UCSF is one of the leading research institutions in this field. On the basic research side, a number of interesting laboratory studies are currently underway:(i) electrophysiological investigations of the function of dysplastic neurons (in animal models and in tissue obtained following resective surgery), (ii) evaluation of non-synaptic mechanisms to control seizures, (iii) development of stem cell therapies for enhancement of synaptic inhibition and (iv) identification of novel therapeutic targets using forward-genetic screening in zebrafish. Basic science research in the department is funded by several outside agencies including the NIH, Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance and Epilepsy Foundation of America.
Scott C. Baraban PhD
Cellular mechanisms of epileptogenesis
Nicholas M. Barbaro MD
Non-synaptic mechanisms of epileptogenesis and in-vitro studies of human epileptogenesis
Nalin Gupta MD PhD
UCSF UCSF Medical Center UCSF School of Medicine