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Berger Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Mitchel S. Berger MD
Current Research Projects
Dr. Berger has particular clinical expertise in treating brain and spinal cord tumors for both adults and children, and in treating the epilepsy often related to brain tumors. He is a pioneer of brain mapping technique-a procedure used to identify and avoid injury to sites of language, motor, and sensory function during the surgical resection of brain tumors. He continues to perfect this technique with studies involving cortical and subcortical mapping of the brain's functional regions. Dr. Berger's other research interests include translational research into the molecular genetic basis, biology, and therapy of brain tumors-in particular, research on DNA damage and repair as they pertain to drug resistance, as well as the application of immunolipsome-targeted therapy. In addition, he is also involved in the experiments being conducted in the Convection Enhanced Delivery laboratory in the BTRC.
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