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Staff Personnel Contacts

Cindy Huff
Staff Personnel Analyst. Directs overall personnel administration for staff employees, including compensation, labor, and employee relations matters, personnel policy issues, and benefits administration
Phone: 415.353.3964
Sheena Simmons
Assistant Personnel Analyst. Manages time records and payroll processing.
Phone: 415.353.9666

UCSF Bargaining Unit Contracts

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Defined Contribution Plan (DCP)

  • DCP is deducted for all temporary employees who are not otherwise covered by a retirement system, who are referred to as "Safe Harbor" participants (the "SH" part of the designation on your pay statement). The contributions are deducted on a pre-tax basis, and while the default is for this money to be invested in a savings plan (i.e., "SAV"), you do have the option to redirect this money into other types of investments that may show a greater yield. Participation in the DC Plan is automatic and mandatory.
  • Once you are officially hired into a career appointment, you will become a member of the UC retirement system (UCRP), but you will continue to see a deduction for the DCP. Mandatory contribution rates for UCRP members vary depending on membership status and gross UC salary. Safe Harbor participants contribute 7.5% of gross UC salary.
  • You can have the money redistributed to you when you leave the University. However, since this money is taken on a pre-tax basis, there are taxes that will be deducted if and when it is paid out to you.
  • For more details see At Your Service Defined Contribution Plan.


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