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In addition to the dedicated doctors and scientists of the department, collaborating faculty, clinical faculty, and our residents, fellows, and nurses contribute invaluably to our goal of excellence in clinical care, research, and education.

Mitchel S. Berger MD, Department Chairman
Adult and pediatric brain tumors; neurophysiologic brain mapping; glioma marker profiling

Manish K. Aghi MD, PhD
Adult brain tumors

Arturo Alvarez-Buylla PhD
Neural stem cells and regeneration; developmental neuroscience

Christopher P. Ames MD
Spinal tumors, spinal oncology, and adult spinal deformity; artificial disc replacement and failed back syndrome; revision surgery and minimally invasive surgery; spinal radiosurgery

Kurtis Auguste MD
Pediatric neurosurgery

Anuradha Banerjee MD
Pediatric neuro-oncology; pediatric brain tumor clinical trials

Krys Bankiewicz MD, PhD
Convection drug-delivery systems; gene therapy for Parkinson's disease

Scott C. Baraban PhD
Cellular mechanisms of epileptogenesis

Nicholas M. Barbaro MD
Stereotactic and functional neurosurgical techniques; epilepsy surgery; non-synaptic mechanisms of epileptogenesis and in-vitro studies of human epileptogenesis

Michael S. Beattie PhD
Animal models of brain and spinal cord injury

Gabriele Bergers PhD
Angiogenesis and tumor invasion

Lewis S. Blevins, Jr. MD
Pituitary disorders

Jacqueline C. Bresnahan PhD
Animal models of brain and spinal cord injury

Nicholas A. Butowski MD
Adult Neuro-oncology; clinical trials

Soonmee Cha MD
Perfusion magnetic resonance imaging

Susan M. Chang MD
Adult neuro-oncology; clinical trials

Dean Chou MD
Metastatic and primary spine tumors, minimally invasive and thoracoscopic spine surgery, complex spinal disorders

Jennifer Clarke MD
Adult neuro-oncology; clinical trials

Joseph F. Costello PhD
Functional genomics

John R. Fike PhD
Radiation biology; radiation injury

Grant E. Gauger MD
Surgical treatment of brain and spinal cord injury and trauma; heavy particle radiobiology

Nalin Gupta MD, PhD
Surgical management of pediatric brain tumors and neurological disorders; cell-cell interactions between brain tumor and normal cells

Graeme Hodgson PhD
Gene discovery and targeted molecular therapeutics in brain tumors

William F. Hoyt MD
Professor emeritus

Jeanette Hyer PhD
PNET tumors in the embryonic environment

C. David James PhD
Molecular biology of CNS cancer; Analysis of mutant epidermal growth factor receptors in malignant gliomas; Rodent model testing of experimental therapies

Sandeep Kunwar MD
Adult brain and spinal cord tumors; radiosurgery; treatment of pituitary adenomas; treatment with immunotoxins by convection-enhanced delivery

Anita Lal PhD
Genetic changes underlying meningioma tumorigenesis

Kathleen R. Lamborn PhD

Paul S. Larson MD
Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery; neuroimaging

Michael T. Lawton MD
Surgical treatment of cerebrovascular disease; pathophysiology of arteriovenous malformation; hemodynamics of aneurysms; radiation-induced arteriopathy

Daniel A. Lim MD, PhD
Neural stem cells, neurogenesis, and stereotactic and functional neurosurgery

Jialing Liu PhD
Neurogenesis and functional recovery after stroke

Geoffrey Manley MD, PhD
Basic, translational, and clinical traumatic brain-injury research

Michael W. McDermott MD
Adult brain tumors, meningiomas, radiosurgery, and image-directed surgery including endoscopy; biology of meningiomas

Praveen V. Mummaneni MD
Minimally invasive spine surgery; degenerative spine disease; adult spinal deformity; spinal tumors; spinal trauma

Linda J. Noble PhD
Traumatic brain and spinal cord injury - developing strategies to improve recovery

S. Scott Panter PhD
Animal models of stroke and traumatic brain injury

Andrew T. Parsa MD, PhD
Adult brain and spinal cord tumors; immunotherapy

Warwick J. Peacock MD
Professor emeritus

Claudia Petritsch PhD
Brain cancer stem cells; asymmetric stem cell division; novel tumor suppressor genes

Russell O. Pieper PhD
Signal transduction; models of human gliomagenesis; drug resistance

Lawrence H. Pitts MD
Surgical treatment of acoustic neuroma; neurospinal disorders; neurotrauma care and research

Mei-Yin C. Polley PhD

Michael D. Prados MD, FACP
Neuro-oncology clinical trials for adults and children

Harold Rosegay MD, PhD
Professor emeritus

David H. Rowitch MD, PhD
Central nervous system development and tumorigenesis

Philip A. Starr MD, PhD
Surgical treatment of movement disorders; basal ganglia physiology in movement disorders

Shirley Stiver MD, PhD
Cerebrovascular and traumatic central nervous system injury

Scott VandenBerg MD, PhD
Clinical and translational neuropathology research

Philip R. Weinstein MD
Focal cerebral ischemia; molecular injury mechanisms and brain protection

John K. Wiencke PhD
Epidemiological and clinical studies in neuroepidemiology

Charles B. Wilson MD, DSc, MSHA
Professor emeritus

Margaret R. Wrensch MPH, PhD
Genetic and molecular epidemiology of adult brain cancer

Shichun Zheng MD
Epidemiological and clinical studies in neuroepidemiology

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