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Thank you for your interest in the Neurological Surgery Residency Program at UCSF. The central objective of our Residency Program is the training of academic neurosurgeons. While providing a residency program that meets the demands and realities of a changing health care environment, we select residents who have the aptitude and desire to enter full-time academic neurosurgery. The Department of Neurological Surgery has a large full-time faculty representing a wide range of interests and backgrounds. These include state of the art clinical care, as well as translational and basic research programs. We consider the training of academic neurosurgeons a responsibility and our contribution to the vitality and advancement of our discipline.
In addition to our world-renowned residency program, we provide an active schedule of seminars, journal clubs, and lecture programs, including two distinguished lectureships each year.

Mitchel S. Berger MD, Chairman
Nicholas M. Barbaro MD, Residency Director
Neurological Surgery Residency Program
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