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Neurosurgery Clerkships for Fourth-Year Medical Students
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The Department of Neurological Surgery at UCSF offers three different clinical electives each year--one open to students from any medical school and two open to UCSF medical students only. The clinical clerkships allow students considering a residency in neurological surgery to assist faculty and the current residents in all aspects of the neurosurgery service, as well as interact with faculty in other departments who regularly work with the Department of Neurological Surgery. Clerks rotate at all three teaching hospitals at UCSF: the Parnassus Campus, San Francisco General Hospital, and the San Francisco Veteran's Administration Medical Center. A clerkship is highly recommended for students interested in applying to the UCSF Department of Neurological Surgery Residency Program.
Neurosurgery 140.01: Advanced Inpatient Clerkship - Open to Students from All Medical Schools
Students become an integral part of the neurosurgery service, assisting members of the house staff and faculty. Activities include ward and ICU rounds, assisting in the OR, taking night call, and attending grand rounds and other teaching conferences. This rotation amounts to a "subinternship" in neurosurgery and offers the motivated student an excellent opportunity to contribute to an active neurosurgery service at each hospital (Moffitt/Long, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco Veteran's Administration Medical Center). Offered Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.
Prerequisites: UCSF students need to have taken Neurology 110, all other students need an equivalent course and the consent of the instructor
Minimum Weeks Offered: 4
Maximum Students per Block: 5
Neurosurgery 140.02: Off-Campus Clinical Clerkship - Open to UCSF Students Only
This off-campus clinical clerkship in an approved hospital is scheduled by special arrangement and requires the approval of the dean and the department; obtain the necessary forms in the Office of Curricular Affairs. Offered Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.
Prerequisites: UCSF students only, Neurology 110
Minimum Weeks Offered: 4
Neurosurgery 150.01: Research Clerkship - Open to UCSF Students Only
Students will participate in a research project under the direction of a member of the faculty. Extensive background reading will be required and discussion of important topics will be held at weekly laboratory and program project research conferences. Offered Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.
Prerequisites: UCSF students only, consent of the instructor
Minimum Weeks Offered: 4
Your dates of attendance for any clerkship must correspond with the UCSF Block Electives Calendar. You must start at the beginning of the block(s) and finish at the end of the block(s). No exceptions are made to this calendar.
Interested students must submit a Transcript, their CV, and a Common Application Form and Health Form. These two forms, detailed application and application fee information, and contact information are available from the School of Medicine Electives & Clerkships Website. Please read the instructions in detail before mailing your application.
Thank you for your interest in the UCSF Neurological Surgery Clerkships.
Nicholas M. Barbaro MD
Professor and Vice-Chair of Neurological Surgery
Director, Residency Training Program
For information on short-term housing in San Francisco for visiting students, contact the UCSF Housing Department.  
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